FRIDAY 12.21.18

EMOM 12 Min
(Every Minute on the Minute for 12 Min)

10 Push Ups
4 Push Jerks

RX+: Hand Release Push Ups

Score: Weight you choose for the Jerks

Goal: Heavy, but make all of the work happen in the minute and don't have to break jerks.


EMOM 12 Min
(Every Minute on the Minute for 12 Min)

10 Push Ups
6 DB Push Jerks

RX Men: 40# DBs
RX Women: 25# DBs

RX + Men: 50# DBs +
RX + Women: 35# DBs +

RX+: Hand Release Push Ups


Upper. Body. Blaster.

Lots of squatting, jumping, and swinging the past few days.  Pressing is what we need!

Pretty simple.  Every minute you will complete 10 push ups and then 4 push jerks.

For the push ups we are looking for a solid body position, belly tight.  No snaking or sagging.  Complete lock out at the top and chest and thighs touch the ground at the bottom.  The hands should be just wider than the shoulders and down by your chest.  When performing the push up the elbows should go out slightly and back.

If you are unable to do this volume of push ups with good form on the feet you have 3 options:  You can do knee push ups (TOTALLY FINE).  You may lower the number slightly (no lower than 7).  OR you may do elevated push ups.

After you complete your 10 push ups at the top of the minute you will perform 4 jerks.

The bar will start up high on the shoulders with the elbows in front. You may clean the bar from the ground or take it from the rack.  Your feet are under your hips and your heels are down.  Stand tall, belly tight.

Dip keeping the heels down, allowing the knees to come forward and out, and hips staying back.  Keep the chest up and do not let the weight pull you forward.  From here you will stand up hard and fast.  Drive the power from the legs into the bar.  Move your face out of the way and think of pressing the bar up as you press YOURSELF DOWN under it.  Feet may move slightly wider - but no wider than your squat stance (shoulder width).

You will land with your weight in your heels, knees bent and out, butt back, and bar locked out over the middle of your body.  Press into the bar and keep the belly tight.  Stand completely.

When lowering the bar back to the shoulders absorb with the knees and either go into the next rep or re-set for the next rep.

If at any point you are unable to do 4 jerks in a row and are not making the minute OR start to get super sloppy - lower the weight.

You can also add if it's too easy!

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