5 Rounds

Each Round is:

20 Skip Overs
10 Burpee + KB Swing

Rest 1 Min Between Rounds

Idea weight for men: 30-50# DB or KB

Idea weight for Women: 10-30# DB or KB

Score: Total Time (INCLUDING REST- just keep a running clock)

Goal: Under 18 Min


For this workout you will do 20 skip overs.  This can be a skip over your dumbbell or even over a chalk or tape line on the ground (no risk of tripping).  You will basically skip (one foot at a time) over the line side ways.  Then back.  Each skip = 1 rep.  So there and back 10 times.

For the burpee + kb swing you will do a burpee - step up to your kb and then do a swing.  Make sure you don't whack your face on your kb or db!

For the burpee you will place your hands on the ground.  Jump or step your feet back.  Get your chest and thighs to the ground, press up, jump or step your feet in, and jump and clap.  The push up portion may be from the knees if necessary!  You may even do elevated burpees.

You should set your kb up close to you, but make sure you don't whack your face.  After you complete 1 burpee you will step up to your kb or db so that it's between your feet.  Grab it with both hands with heels down, bent knees, and chest up!  Arms straight!  Bring it up to ALMOST the top of the deadlift - but from a still slightly hinged at the hip position you will pull it back between the legs and then stand up hard and fast to bring the kb or db to eye level.  Use the drive from your legs and guide it with your arms.

You will then place the kb or db back on the ground with a flat back.  Step back and start your next burpee.

After you have completed 10 reps of those you will rest 1 min.  Complete 5 total rounds!

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