MONDAY 12.17.18

This workout was originally posted on December 16, 2017!  You've had a whole year to train!  Make sure you go back and check how you did and log this one so we can test it again!!

Program A only today guys!  Super simple one can be done ANYWHERE!  Get after it!

5 Rounds

Each Round is 2 Min:
30 Dumbbell Hop Overs
Max Reps Devil Press
Rest 1 Min

Score is Total Devil Press Reps after all 5 Rounds


RX Men: 40# Dumbbells
RX Women: 25# Dumbbells

RX + Men: 50# DBs
RX + Women: 35# DBs

Julian thought it would be "fun" to make the hop overs the prescribed workout.  So - thank him for that!

The way this works is that you have 2 min to do the 30 hop overs and then do as many Devil Press as possible with the remainder of the time.  At the end of 2 min you will rest 1 min and repeat 4 more times.

For the hop overs - it's pretty simple, hop over the dumbbell laterally back and forth.  Each jump counts as a rep.

A devil press is BASICALLY a burpee with dumbbells in your hands.  You do a push up with hands on the dumbbells, jump or step the feet in.  Pick the dumbbells up from between the feet with heels down and arms straight (keep the back flat!!).  Use the power from the legs and the hips to basically complete a combination KB Swing - clean and jerk - snatch.

The movement finishes with the elbows locked and biceps by the ears!  Control the lower and keep the back flat as you set up for the next rep!

You SHOULD be able to get at least 10 reps each round!  Shoot for that or more!

If you don't have the appropriate dumbbells or need to scale to a lighter option, you may do plate burpees OR a burpee into a KB swing as a sub!

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