8 Rounds
24 Plate Hops
12 KB Swings
6 Push Ups

Idea weight for Men: 20-40# DB or KB

Idea weight for women: 8-24# DB or KB

Score: Total Time

Goal: Under 20 Min!

So you will perform the 24-12-6 eight times through.  If you get to that 20 minute mark and are still not done - you may choose to keep working or call it a day.  Ideally you will scale and sub appropriately to allow you to keep moving without taking more than 20 min.

For this workout you will choose something low to the ground (like a 10 lb plate) that you can jump on or over.  You could even draw a chalk line if you want (no risk of tripping!).

For the plate hops you will jump on and off.  That = 1 rep.  Repeat for 24 reps.

If you currently are unable to jump you can switch to 24 skip ups (kind of one foot at a time instead of a 2 foot take off) and skip down.

OR you can do a moderate height step up.

For the swings you will hold a KB or DB with both hands at your waist.  Your heels are shoulder width apart and heels are down.  Stand tall, tighten your belly and keep your arms long and straight.

Hinge at the hip and bend the knees slightly.  Keep the chest lifted and belly tight.  Pull the weight back between your legs.  Stand up hard and fast - keeping your arms long and loose (like ropes). Then once you have made the kettlebell weightless using the legs - guide it up to eye level.

Allow gravity to bring the kettlebell back down. Keep the chest up, arms long, and heels down.

For the push ups you may do them from your knees or even elevated!  The goal is to keep a strong and straight body position.  No worming, sagging, or snaking.  Get your chest all of the way to the ground (or whatever you are using as an elevated surface).  Make sure the hands are just wider than the shoulders and that the elbows go back and out by the ribs and not just OUT like a T shape.

Press all of the way up to lock out at the top - keeping the belly tight!

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