FRIDAY 12.14.18

8 Rounds for Time

24 Double Unders
12 Dumbbell Snatch (Alternating)
6 Lateral Over Dumbbell Burpees

RX Men: 40# DB
RX Women: 25# DB

RX + Men: 50# DB+
RX + Women: 35# DB+

Score: Total Time

Goal: Under 15 Min!  Can you go under 12? 10?!!


8 Rounds for Time

24 Double Unders
8 Power Snatch
6 Lateral Over Bar Burpees

RX Men: 75#
RX Women: 55#

RX + Men: 95# +
RX + Women: 65# +


8 Rounds for Time

24 Double Unders
8 Sandbag Over Shoulder
6 Lateral Over Sandbag Burpees

No RX or RX + on the weights here - just use what you have!

Score: Total Time

Goal: Under 15 Min!  Can you go under 12? 10?!!


For this workout you will want to choose a number or sub for double unders that allows you to keep moving.  If you need to lower the number to even 12 - 15 per round in order to finish them under 45 seconds or so - do that!  Any lower than that and you should sub them out for hop overs (our favorite sub) or single unders.

Remember - when working on your double unders keep your hands low and slightly in front of you.  Controlled speed higher jumps and fast wrists!!

For the dumbbell snatch - the dumbbell will start on the ground between the feet.  Heels are roughly shoulder width apart.  Hinge forward at the hip and bend the knees slightly.  Working arm is long and straight.  Chest up.  Back flat.

Drive through the heels and lift the chest.  Keep the arm straight as you stand.  Stand up hard and fast.  SHRUG the shoulder.  Pull the elbow back to keep the dumbbell close as you guide it up the body.  Finish with a lock out press!!  Bicep by the ear.  Belly tight.  Butt squeezed!

You will switch hands for each rep of the dumbbell snatches.  You can do this as you are bringing the dumbbell back to the ground - or you can do it on the ground.  Whatever you choose, just be safe with it!  And keep those heels down and back flat as you LOWER.  No sloppy lowering!

Each individual dumbbell snatch = 1 rep so for a set of 12 you end up doing 6 per arm.

For the lateral burpees over the dumbbell - pretty self explanatory!  Place your hands on the ground.  Jump or step your feet back.  Get the chest and thighs on the ground (alongside your dumbbell).  Jump or step your feet in.  Jump over the dumbbell laterally (sideways).  Then repeat on the other side!  Each burpee + jump over = 1 rep.

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