15 Min AMRAP
5 KB / DB Deadlift + Upright Row
5 Push Up
5 Air Squats

Idea weight for Men: 25-55# KB OR 15-30# DBs

Idea weight for Women: 12-35# KB OR 10-20# DBs

Score: Total number of completed rounds + any additional reps

Goal: 12+. Can you get 15 or more?

For this one you can either use one KB or a pair of light dumbbells.

For the deadlift + upright row with a single kettlebell the bell will be between the feet.  Heels are down, knees are bent.  Hinge at the hips but keep the chest lifted and back flat.  Both hands are gripping the dumbbell.  Arms are straight.  Drive through the heels and lift the chest to bring the weight to the waist.  From here, shrug the shoulders, keep shoulders pulled back, and pull the elbows high and outside to brint the kb to chest height.  Then, lower to the waist, hinge at the hips, keep the chest lifted, and finally bend the knees to bring the KB back down to the ground.

If you are using 2 dumbbells you will start with them outside of the feet.  Arms are straight, heels are down, chest is lifted.  The rest of the movement is the same!  Deadlift, pull the shoulders back, shrug - pull the elbows high and outside.

For the push ups you may do regular push ups.  Knee push ups, or even elevated push ups with a bar in a rack, on the side of a bench or box.  Keep the belly tight.  No sagging or snaking.  Get the chest all of the way down at the bottom and lock out completely at the top.

For the squats you will stand with your feet shoulder width apart.  Keep the heels down and lift the chest/tighten the belly.  Reach the butt back and down keeping the heels down. Drive the knees out.  Keep the chest lifted and belly tight.  If you can, get your butt lower than your knees at the bottom.  Heels are down, knees out, chest up, belly tight.  Drive throug the heels to stand.  Keep pushing those knees out!

If you are unable to go all of the way down at this time for pain or injury reasons.  Or if you tend to collapse at the bottom - you may work with a target that is a bit higher!

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