MONDAY 11.26.18

5 Rounds
Each Round is:
3 Power Cleans
6 Push Ups
9 Squats
Rest 1 min between 3 Min Cycles

RX Men: 135#
RX Women: 95#


5 Rounds
Each Round is:
3 DB Power Cleans
6 Push Ups
9 Air Squats
Rest 1 Min between 3 Min Cycles

RX Men: 40-50# DBs
RX Women: 30-35# DBs

Score is total rounds completed across all 5 cycles plus any additional reps.


Score total completed rounds across all 5 cycles, plus any additional reps.

This is a benchmark workout so make sure to record your scores so you can find them easily any time.

The way it works is you do as many rounds of the 3-6-9 as possible in 3 minutes.  Then you rest for 1 minute and start over.

You do not start where you left off.  You always start back with a fresh round.

Score is total completed rounds and add up any additional reps.

The weight you choose to use should allow you to hit the set of 3 power cleans unbroken every time.

Make sure you are pulling under it at least a little to be more efficient, even if it feel light at first.

The push up style that you choose should also allow you to always hit 6 for the most part, at least in the first few AMRAPs.

Feel free to move as fast as possible on the squats, but really make sure you are hitting depth and standing all of the way up.

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