WEDNESDAY 10.31.18

EMOM 20 Minutes
(Every Minute on the Minute for 20 For tMinutes)
Min 1: 10 Push Ups + 5 Jerks
Min 2: 15 Squats + 5 Hang Squat Cleans

No RX or RX + - your score is the weight you choose!

If you lower the number of push ups or squats - make sure to note in comments.

Score: Weight used (use same weight for both)

Goal: Go heavy but make all 20 Minutes!


EMOM 20 Minutes
(Every Minute on the Minute for 20 For tMinutes)
Min 1: 10 DB Jerks + Max Push Ups
Min 2: 10 DB Hang Squat Cleans + Max Air Squats

RX Men: 40# DBs
RX Women: 25# DBs

RX + Men: 50# DBs+
RX+ Women: 35# DBs+

Score: Combined number of push ups and squats (do NOT count reps of jerks or cleans in your score!)

Goal: 200+ Reps

So - keep in mind that the push ups are going to make the jerks harder and the squats will make the cleans harder.  It's 10 rounds of each so pick your weight carefully!

The way this works is the clock starts and you hit 10 push ups.  Then you hit 5 jerks with the weight that you chose for the workout.  Then you wait until the next minute starts.  When the next minute starts you hit 15 air squats.  Then you hit 5 hang squat cleans with the same weight you used for the jerks.  Rest until the minute is up - then start over with the push ups and jerks.

For the push ups you may do regular or you can sub knee push ups if necessary.  Keep the belly tight and get the chest and thighs on the ground.  Press up keeping the body rigid (no sagging or snaking) all the way to lock out.

For the jerks the bar will start on the shoulders.  Feet are under the hips and heels are down.  Elbows are slightly in front of the bar, with a loose but full grip on the bar.  Lift the chest and tighten the belly.  Dip keeping the heels down, knees forward and out, chest up.  The dip is shallow.  Stand up hard and fast to pop the bar off of the shoulder.  Move the face out of the way as the bar goes up.  Push yourself down under the bar and drive the head and chest through.  Catch in a partial squat with the bar locked out over head.  Belly tight.  Stand to complete.

For the air squats the feet are shoulder width apart.  Keep the belly tight and chest lifted.  Reach the butt back and down.  Drive the knees out, heels down.  Get the butt lower than the knees.  Stand all the way up at the top.

Hang squat cleans bring the bar to the hips with the grip outside of the legs.   Dip by hinging at the hip slightly and allowing the bar to travel down the leg.  Keep heels down, chest lifted and bar close.  Arms are straight.  Stand up hard and fast.  Shrug.  As the bar travels up the body keep it close by bringing the elbows high and outside.  Pull YOURSELF down  squat elbows high!  Stand.