Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

1 Muscle Up (or assisted sub)
1 Dip
1 Muscle Up (or assisted sub)
2 Dips
1 Muscle Up (or assisted sub)
3 Dips
1 Muscle Up (or assisted sub)
4 Dips

Get as far as you can in 7 min.For this you can do a ring muscle up (kipping or strict).

You may also do a jumping muscle up with unassisted dips.  You can do it with your feet on a box.  You can do it with your feet on the ground with a slight assistance from the legs in like a jumping dip.  You can also try banded!

Make sure that you focus on the actual transition of the muscle up being correct.  Use the false grip.

Pull the rings to the lower chest with the elbows in with the hips high.  Pull yourself through to the bottom of the dip.  Press to lock out.  THEN perform the extra dips.

The dip from the muscle up doesn't count as the first dip!

Metcon (No Measure)

Pull Up Work!!

5 Sets of 10 Supine Ring/TRX/Bar in Rack Rows

5 Sets of 10 Weight Pull Overs or Banded Pull Down (STRAIGHT ARMS)

No score for this just do it!  Rest as needed between sets to keep quality!!This is a sample of one of the sessions we are putting into a "Pull Up Work Program" that will be in a newsletter this week!  There will be 3 sessions per week based on where you are currently with your pull up journey!

For this one specifically -

On the rows you want to get your body as parallel to the ground as possible.  Start with a straight arm and pull ALL of the way to the chest.  Use your back. Keep the elbows in tight!  Return all of the way down to straight arms at the bottom.

On the pull overs/pull downs you may use a band on a pull up bar or doorway.  A stretchy band.  Find a band and distance that you are able to pull the band with straight arms from overhead to your hips - but it gets tough.

If you don't have bands you can lie on a bench and pull the dumbbell or plate from behind the head to over your chest.  Keep the arms straight.

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

Shoot throughs

Yep.  That's it!For these reps you will choose a height from the ground that is manageable but challenging.  Too low and you will get stuck easily.  Too high and it won't challenge you enough.  Play around with it!

You can use a stack of plates, parallettes,  2 chairs, 2 boxes, 2 coolers, whatever you can find!

You will start in a plank position (top of the push up) with one hand on each of your chosen platforms.  You will then tuck hard and keep the arms locked as you swing THROUGH and forward in a reverse plank position with the arms still locked and hips up.  You will then tuck hard again and shoot back through to the plank position.

There and back = 1 rep!

MIranda AlcarazGymnastics