4 Rounds
Not for Time

10 Side Box Step Offs (Each Leg)
15 Sumo Deadlifts
15 Barbell or Foam Roller Roll Outs
30 Russian Twists

No specific RX Weight, see below for recommendations!

Score is weight you use for Sumo Deadlift.  Put weight for other things in comments!

Step offs can be done as light or as heavy as you are comfortable.  You are definitely just TOUCHING with the toe on the ground though and will not PUSH off of that foot at all. For many people, no weight is just fine.

On the sumo deadlifts make sure your feet are wider than your squat stance and toes slightly turned out.  Focus on driving the knees out and squeezing the butt at the top of each rep!  These can be done pretty heavy but for 15 reps each time don't need to be anything crazy.  Between 95-155 for women and 155-225 for men would be a general guideline.  They can also be done with just a heavy kettle bell.

Choose either the foam roller or the barbell for this one and you can try it from your knees or your feet.  Be careful not to roll out too fast and keep the arms straight both out and in.  You may have to only go out a little way if this is your first time with this one.

You can use a plate, a med ball, or dumbbells for the Russian twists!