10 Min AMRAP
20 Skip Overs
10 KB/ DB Deadlifts

Idea weight for Men: 35-55# DB or KB
Idea weight for Women: 12-35# DB or KB

Score: Total number of completed rounds + any additional reps in 10 Min

Goal: 6 or more rounds!


If you want to use 2 dumbbells for this one (one in each hand) that is fine too!  As long as you can keep your back in a good position.  You can also use a barbell if you are comfortable with that - but keep in mind that we want you keeping a solid position and also not having to break them up much!

For the deadlifts you will have the KB or DB between the feet.  Keep the heels down and hinge at the hips/bend the knees slightly.  Lift the chest and keep the belly tight.  Keep the arms straight.

Stand with the weight by digging the heels into the ground, lifting the chest, and squeezing the butt.  Stand all of the way up.  To lower the weight back down - reach the butt back, keep the chest up, and bend the knees slightly to bring the weight back to in between the feet.

For the skip overs - it is just that - a SKIP.  You don't have to jump off of both feet!  You can jump over your dumbbell - or even put a broomstick or a chalk line on the ground to skip over.

If you want - you may also sub taps for that part!