THURSDAY 10.18.18

8 Rounds
1 Wall Walk
6 Overhead Lunges Right Arm (alternating legs)
6 Overhead Lunges Left Arm (alternating legs)

RX Men: 40# Dumbbell
RX Women: 25# Dumbbell

RX + Men: 50# Dumbbell / 2 Wall Walks
RX + Women: 35# Dumbbell / 2 Wall Walks

Score: Total Time

Goal: 15 Min or Less


8 Rounds
1 Wall Walk
10 Overhead Lunges (alternating)

RX Men: 65#
RX Women: 45#

RX + Men: 95# / 2 Wall Walks
RX + Women: 65# / 2 Wall Walks

Score: Total Time

Goal: 15 Min or Less


Guys.  This is NOT going to be easy!  The shoulder stamina is going to be REAL.

For the wall walks you will start at the bottom of the push up with the feet against the wall.  Push up to the top of the push up as you start to walk your feet UP the wall.  Walk the hands back toward the wall as the feet walk up and touch the chest.  Keep the belly tight and avoid overextending.  When you are coming back down - walk the hands back down and walk the feet back down UNDER CONTROL!

If you aren't quite ready for the full walk walk yet - no problem!  Scale to pike ups or even inchworms!

For the overhead lunges.  Pick a weight that you think you will try to do all sets without having to break more than once if at all.

If you are unable to or don't fee ready for the overhead lunges just yet.  You may sub front rack lunges!

For the single arm overhead lunges you will press the dumbbell up and lock it out with the bicep by the ear.  Keep pressing into it and keep the belly tight!

You will do 6 with the right arm up - alternating legs (3 per side).  Then 6 with the left arm up alternating (3 per side).

You may perform forward stepping, reverse stepping. or even walking lunges.  You will alternate legs with each step.  So for the set of 6 you end up doing 3 per leg.

Make sure you take a long enough step that your front heel stays down when your back knee LIGHTLY touches.  Work on not allowing the front knee to cave in!  Stand up completely between reps!