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The Street Parking crew headed to the CrossFit West Regionals. Where Miranda and Julian are used to competing – this time they were there just to hang and train with the Street Parking Members and see old friends.

Run by Tristan Barton – Revelations
DJ Quads – Circus
Dyalla – Fresh Cut
Poinsette – Ballpoint

from Jason Khalipa for a workout and a podcast interview. Followed by another day of meeting members and hanging with old friends. PARKINTHESTREET.COM

Dyalla - Be With You
DJ Quads - Every Morning Let's Rock - Stefano Mastronardi
DJ Quads - Totally
DJ Quads - I Got A Story
Dyalla - Wonderful


The Street Parking Crew is in the middle of the Jacked by June Nutrition Challenge and we are making Frank eat a whole day of the food. Just a regular work day planning the next big giveaway for the Street Parking community and of course finding the time to get our fitness in.


What happens when you create a fitness program and then a bunch of people from your small town high school join? We head back to Tillamook, OR and the home of the Cheesemakers - so Julian could see the impact Street Parking is making in person.

VlogMIranda Alcaraz
Street Parking - Warming Up for Vancouver

Street Parking is gearing up to make the move from Southern California to Vancouver, WA! But first, getting the house and garage ready to go! Of course, trying to work out when you are in an empty house for only one day can be challenging....

VlogNathan Lundie
Let's Go Home

Orange County, CA is 16 hours from Vancouver, WA. To beat traffic - that means leaving at 4am. The boys had an opportunity to hit the workout with some of our Street Parking Members on the trip headed HOME.

VlogNathan Lundie