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10 Rounds
5 DB/KB Hang Power Clean
5 Air Squat
5 Push Up

Idea weight for Men: Single KB or DB - 30-50#, or 2 lighter dumbbells 20-25#

Idea weight for Women: Single KB or DB - 12-25#, or 2 lighter Dumbbells - 10-15#

Score: Total Time

Goal: 10-12 Min or Less


For this one you may use a single kb/db or a pair of lighter dumbbells.

For the hang power clean you will deadlift the DB/KB to the "hang" position at the hips with straight arms, feet are under the hips. You will bend the knees and keep the heels down. Allow a slight hinge at the hips. Keep the arms straight. Stand up hard and fast. Shrug the shoulders. Pull the elbows high and shoot the elbows around and through FAST to allow the DB/KB to land at the shoulder/chest. You can pull yourself under slightly if you are comfortable and catch in just a partial front squat with the heels down, knees out, chest up.

For the air squats you will put the weight down.  Stand with feet shoulder width apart.  Heels down.  Stand tall. Belly tight.  Reach the butt back and down.  Keep belly tight and chest lifted.  Heels down and knees driving out.  Get the butt lower than the knees at the bottom with the heels down, knees out, chest up, butt back.  NO COLLAPSING!  Raise the hands up to help keep chest lifted.

If you are unable to go that low without shifting forward or collapsing.  You may squat to a target.  You can also use a pole or chair or something to help you balance.  Don't PULL on it to come up though.  Use your legs and booty!

For the push ups you may do regular, knee, or even elevated push ups.  Keep the belly tight and torso in a solid position. Elbows should do BACK and not flare out.  Bring chest and thighs down to touch together.  No worming or snaking to come up!