SOGO | WEEK 41 | 10/06/2019


4 Rounds
Not for Time

10 Behind the Neck Press
10 Shoulder Press (from front)
10 Front Raise
10 Upright Rows

No Rest between movements so choose a weight that you can go through the whole thing. It should be pretty light.

Rest 3-4 Min between setsFor this you may do it with a bar or with dumbbells. If you are doing it with a dumbbells you will just do 20 press instead of 10 behind and 10 in front.

For the behind the neck press you may need to use a little wider than normal grip if your flexibility isn't great. Keep the rib cage pulled down and make sure to keep the head out of the way as you press straight up.

For the press from the front the bar will start on the shoulder and you will press straight up by moving your head back this time (out of the way).

For both pressing movements come to a full lockout overhead and bring the bar all the way down to the shoulder at the bottom.

For the front raise you will allow a slight bend of the elbow. A LITTLE assistance from the hip is allowable but this absolutely should not be a kb swing type movement. Don't lean back!

For the upright row keep the shoulders pulled back and down. You will have a narrow grip and as you pull up you will keep the bar close to the body (like you are zipping up your jacket) and the elbows will go high and outside. Bring the bar up to the sternum or a little higher.

5 Min
30 Seconds On
30 Seconds OFF
Wall climbs or pike up on box

Score is total Wall Walks or Pike Ups completed for all 5 rounds

For the wall climb version you will start in the bottom of a push up position with the feet backed up to a wall. You will climb the feet up the wall while walking the hands back. Keep going until your chest and hips touch the wall. Then walk the hands back out as you walk the feet back down.

Do NOT get crazy overextended. Keep the belly tight!

For the pike up on the box version you will start in the top of a push up position with the feet on a bench or box. You will walk the hands back toward the box as the hips go up until you are in a 90 degree pike position at the top. You will then walk yourself back out.