OLY | WEEK 41 | 10/06/2019


Power Clean (15 Min to find Touch and Go Double)

Score is heaviest set of 2 (must me touch and go - so no dropping).

When you start the clock you will have 15 min to find as heavy as you can get for a set of 2. Warm up before and make sure you get in at least 6 or more heavyish lifts.

The bar will start on the ground. Hands are outside of the legs. Heels are down. There should be a slight bend in the knee and a hinge at the hips. Back is flat and chest is lifted. Arms are straight.

To lift the bar from the ground you will dig the heels into the ground and lift the chest. Pull the bar into the body keeping the arms straight. Once past the knees you will pick up speed. Keep the heels down and bring the chest to vertical as you jump STRAIGHT up! Shrug the shoulders and pull the bar UP the body by bringing the elbows high and outside. As the bar is going up pull YOURSELF down slightly and catch the bar in a partial front squat with the elbows high, heels down, knees out, and bar supported on the front of the shoulder. Stand to complete the rep!

(As Many Reps as Possible)

Power Cleans

70% of heaviest double from the first part!So whatever you got for your heavy touch and go double - find 70% of that and use it for this! You will have 3 Min on the clock to complete as many reps as possible of the Power Cleans.