SOGO | WEEK 40 | 09/29/2019


Part 1

4 Supersets
10-15 Reps Dumbbell Bench
10-15 Reps Dumbbell Pull Over

No Rest Between movements.
Rest 2 Min between supersets.

Choose a weight that you know you can get 10, but 15 will start to get tough.

Score is weight for dumbbell bench.Bring dumbbells down to the chest for each rep of the dumbbell bench. Make sure to bring dumbbells in and completely lock the elbows at the top!

For the dumbbell pull over you will use one dumbbell and grab it by the head. Stretch the dumbbell back over your head (while laying on a bench) and use the lats to pull the dumbbell back over the chest. Work to keep your belly tight throughout so you don't arch too much.

Part 2

4 Rounds
10-12 Reps Dumbbell Pec Flys
10-12 Reps 1 Arm Dumbbell Row Right
10-12 Reps 1 Arm Dumbbell Row Left

Score is weight used for the 1 Arm Rows.For the Flys you will lay flat on the bench. Keep a slight bend in your elbow as you bring the arms out to the sided (like a T shape with your body). Allow them to come in line with your body or a little deeper if your flexibility allows, then bring them back to over your chest.

For the row you will lean on the bench or something for support. Row one dumbbell from that bent over position. Start with a straight arm and pull the dumbbell to the chest by having the elbow go BACK and keeping the arm and elbow close to the body. Return all the way down each time.