OLY | WEEK 40 | 09/29/2019


Push Press (6 x 3 (Building))

For this the goal will be to add weight each set. SO start with a weight that is challenging but also give you room to go up.

For the push press the bar will start on the front of the shoulders with the elbows slightly in front. Feet are under the hips with the heels down. Raise the chest and tighten the belly. Dip - keeping the heels down - allowing the knees to come forward slightly and driving them OUT - butt going SLIGHTLY back but mostly straight down - keeping the chest up with the shoulder on top of the hip. The dip is shallow and only a few inches.

Stand hard and fast out of the bottom of the dip to pop the bar off of the shoulder. Move the face out of the way and press the bar up to lock out finishing with the bar over the middle of the body and the biceps by the ears! Keep the belly tight!

When lowering the weight you will lead with the elbows in front and absorb with the knees. Either feed that into the next push press or stand and re-set if necessary.

Rest roughly 2 min or so between sets.

EMOM 10 Min
Min 1: 5 Heavy Dumbbell Jerks
Min 2: 40 Double Unders / Double Under Practice

Score is weight used for Jerks.

If you don't have consistent double unders use the second minute to practice them or give yourself a target you can hit.For this EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute). You will do the 5 heavy jerks one minute (rest remainder of minute). Then do the double unders on the other minute.

So basically you will do 5 rounds of the whole thing.

For the jerk the dip and drive part is the same as the push presses you just did. But this time instead of finishing by pushing the weight up - you will push yourself DOWN under the dumbbells. Catch with the arms locked out and biceps by the ears in a partial squat position. Heels down, knees out, chest up. Stand up to complete.

If you don't have heavy enough dumbbells you may do these with a bar!