SOGO | WEEK 38 | 09/15/2019


Part 1:
3 Sets
10-15 Pull Ups
10-15 Shoulder Press

This workout has 3 parts.

Rest one minute after each section. Modify as needed to keep all movements strict.Ideally the Pull Ups are performed strict. Choose a band or ring row to allow you to get at least 10 strict reps.

For the Shoulder Presses, use the same load for all 3 sets. Use dumbbells or a barbell. Make sure you keep your belly tight and don't over-arch your back!

Part 2:
3 Sets
15-20 Bent Over Rows
15-20 Push UpsMove slow on the bent over rows to keep from using your hips. Instead, focus on squeezing your lats to pull the bar (or dumbbells) to your chest.

Focus on a rigid body position in the push ups and a full range of motion aka chest/thigh contact in the bottom. Feel free to elevate your hands or go from the knees to get at least 15 unbroken reps.

Part 3:
3 Sets
10-15 Upright Rows
10-15 DipsThe upright rows are performed standing up straight holding dumbbells or a barbell with a close grip (less than shoulder width) at your waist. Pull the load in a straight vertical line to just below your collarbone. Elbows should stay above the load and go wide as you lift.

For the dips, you can do rings, parallel bars, parallettes, banded, toe assisted, or between two boxes. Break 90 degrees at the elbow and lock those arms out at the top!