OLY | WEEK 38 | 09/15/2019


Clean + Front Squat + Thruster (20 Min to Go Heavy )

As an unbroken complex:
Full Clean
Front Squat

You will warm up and then put 20 min on the clock and try to find your heaviest set possible of the complex. Complex must be unbroken, which meand you must hold onto the bar for all 3 parts without dropping.

For the clean the bar will start on the ground. Feet are under the hips and hands are outside of the legs. Heels are down, knees are bent and there will be a hinge at the hips. Back is flat with the chest up. Arms are long and straight.

To lift the bar you will drive the heels into the ground as you lift the chest and pull the bar into the body. Once past the knees you will pick up speed. Keeping the arms straight stand up (jump) hard and fast. Shrug the shoulders. As the bar starts to travel up, pull the elbows high and outside to keep the bar close to the body. Pull YOURSELF DOWN under the bar. Bring the elbows around and through FAST as you pull down. You will land in a solid front squat with your heels down, knees out, butt lower than the knees, chest up, elbows high, belly tight! No plopping or rounding. Stand by driving the heels down and leading with the elbows.

Then you will perform a front squat. Elbows stay up. Belly stays tight. Reach the butt back and down to the bottom of the squat. Once again, stand.

For the thruster you will do ONE MORE front squat. This time as you stand out of the squat you will pick up speed. Almost jump with the bar to pop it off of the shoulders. Move the face out of the way. Press the bar straight up and lock out over the middle of the body with the biceps by the ear. Keep the belly tight!


3 x 1 Min Double Dumbbell Overhead Hold
Rest as needed between Sets

Score is the weight you used
(if you use 25# Dumbbells put 25# as your score not 50#)

Press those babies up there, get the biceps by the ears, keep the belly tight and HOLD for 1 min!!