32 Min EMOM
(Every Minute on the Minute for 32 Minutes)

Min 1 - 12 Around the Worlds
Min 2 - Rest
Min 3 - 12 Pull Over
Min 4 - Rest
Min 5 - 15 High Close Grip Front Raise
Min 6 - Rest
Min 7 - 15 Pec Fly
Min 8 - Rest

Score: Not super important here. Log the load used for the Pec Flys but focus on performing ALL the movements well.

Goal: To get a sweet pump!

Movements should take close to the entire minute. So each rep of the Round the Worlds for example, should be 4-5 seconds long. Move slow and try not to use momentum or ever feel like you are not under tension.

For the Around the Worlds, start with light dumbbells at your waist, palms facing out. Raise the dumbbells laterally, then keep going until they barely touch overhead. Lower back down the same way you came up.

For the Pull Overs, lay back on the bench with the crown of your head just over the edge. Holding your dumbbells above your chest with a micro-bend at the elbow, back over your head. The DBs should get as close to the floor as possible without overarching your back. Try to pin your front ribcage down to your hips throughout the entire movement. Raise the DBs back up into the air over your chest to complete the rep.

For these Front Raises, hold the dumbbells together, still with palms facing down. This time when you raise the DBs out in front of you, keep raising them until they are all the way overhead. Keep a tiny bend at the elbow throughout.

For the Pec Flys, lay back on the bench with arms extended straight up into the air with a microbend at the elbow. Keep your ribs drawn down toward your hips to avoid overarching your back as you lower the DBs out to the sides. They should be at the height of, and in line with the shoulders. Squeeze your inner pecs together to raise your arms back up into the air.