Overhead Squat (15 Min to Establish 2 Rep Max)

Warm up to where you are ready to start adding weight to your bar. Put 15 min on the clock and do as many sets as you need to establish a heavy double for the day.

Bar can be taken from the rack or from the ground. If you take it from the ground you will want to do a clean and then a little jerk to lower the bar onto your back. When you do this - be careful and practice at lighter loads. Lower onto the back - NOT the neck - and absorb with your knees.

Once it's on your back either from the rack or from the clean and jerk. You will widen your hands out to your overhead squat grip. This is a grip that is wide enough that you are able to stay locked out with the bar slightly behind your head at the bottom of the squat - and even drop it behind you safely if necessary.

Perform a jerk (either split or push jerk) by doing a dip, drive up, and then pressing yourself under the bar.

Now you are ready to overhead squat. Make sure you are set by getting your feet shoulder width apart, weight in your heels, belly tight, chest lifted, bar locked out over your head with the whole upper back engaged and armpits forward. Reach the butt back and down. Keep the heels down and chest up as you drive the knees out. The bar will have to be slightly behind your head as your torso comes slightly forward. Keep the bar over the middle of your foot. Get your butt lower than your knees at the bottom with the heels still down, knees out, chest up, and no plopping or rounding of the back. Keep pushinginto the bar! Drive throught the heels to stand all of the way up.

Once you have completed 2 reps, either drop it or lower back to the back again. Once again, be careful and absorb with the knees!

Front Squat (6 Min EMOM x 4 Front Squats)

The instructions from Coach Julian for this one are "pick a weight that scares you to finish".

It is only 6 minutes, but you won't get much rest. If you start off too heavy - back it off. If you start out too light - add as you go.

You will do 4 front squats at the top of each minute for 6 minutes. These must be unbroken sets.

For the front squat the bar will start on the front of shoulders (front rack) with the elbows high. Allow the bar to roll back into the finger tips to get the elbows as high as possible. Lift the chest and tighten the belly. Reach the butt back and down with the weight in the heels as you drive the knees out. Keep the chest and elbows lifted. Don't allow the weight to pull you forward. Get the butt lower than the top of the knees at the bottom with the heels down and no plopping or rounding of the back. Lead out of the bottom with the chest and elbows. Stand all of the way up!