POWER | WEEK 38 | 09/15/2019


Sumo Deadlift (4 x 3 then 4 x 1)

Score is heaviest single.

For the sumo deadlift you will have a stance that is slightly wider than your squat stance. Toes are turned out slightly. Keep the heels down and push the knees OUT. Hinge at the hips and bend the knees slightly. Keep the chest lifted and grip the bar with the hands inside the legs with the arms straight. To lift the bar think about driving the heels down and knees out. Lift the chest and pull the bar into the body. Keep the arms long and straight. Stand completely by squeezing the cheeks at the top.

Lower the bar under control by reaching the butt back and hinging at the hips. Keep the bar pulled into the body and keep the arms straight. No excessive bouncing at the bottom.

If this is a new movement for you - come to a complete stop at the bottom and re-set.

Also, if this is new you may not be able to go as heavy at first as your normal deadlift. Find the weights for these that are right for you. You can increase each time or stay the same across the sets of 3 and then increase for the singles. Base it off how you are feeling and moving.

10 Min AMRAP
(As Many Reps as Possible)
Odd Object Front Squats

Every Minute on the Minute

5 Odd Object Over the Shoulder

No RX or anything, use what you've got. Ideal weights for Men would be over 60#. Ideal weight for women would be around 40# +.

This could be a sandbag. Heavy D-Ball. Bag of Dog Food. Etc.For this one the score is the number of front squats. You will start the first minute doing the odd object front squats for a full minute first. When the clock hits one minute - you will complete 5 of the odd object over the shoulder reps. The object over the shoulder reps do not count toward your score!

Once you have completed your 5 over the shoulder reps you will go back into your front squats. When the clock hits 2 min - 5 over the shoulder reps again. Repeat for 10 min.

For the object over the shoulder make sure you pick up with a solid back position, knees bent and heels down. Stand up fast and use the hips to help you hoist the weight up and over the shoulder.

For the front squats you will hold the weight at the chest and perform a squat. Reach the butt back and down. Heels down. Knees out. Get the butt lower than the knees at the bottom and keep the chest up! Stand all of the way up at the top!