Pause Bench Press (6 x 5)
3 Second Pause at the Bottom

Make sure that you are safe when benching if you do it alone guys!

For these reps you will have the hands just outside the shoulders. Wrap the thumb for safety. Set up so that you can have your heels on the ground or on some plates or something if you aren't tall enough to reach. Keep the butt on the bench throughout the lift.

Lower the bar to the chest under control. Keep the elbows in - don't flare them out. Hold for 3 seconds. With no "bounce" press to lockout completely at the top.

If you don't have a barbell you can even do this with dumbbells, but maybe up the reps just a bit and don't go as heavy.


10 Min EMOM
(Every Minute on the Minute for 10 Min)

Odd Minutes: Max Reps Deficit Push Ups
Even: Max Sandbag Over the Shoulder

Deficit Height: 3-5"

Sandbag: Use what you have. Sub Power Cleans if you don't have a sandbag.

Score: Total combined reps.

For the push ups - you can still participate even if you have to go to your knees. Still use a deficit.

Keep the body in a solid plank position. No snaking or sagging. Touch the chest and thighs at the bottom and lock out completely at the top. This does NOT have to be an unbroken set - just however many you can get in 1 min.

For the Sandbag over the shoulder you can use a sandbag, heavy dball, even do tire flips.

If you don't have any of that you may sub a heavyish power clean. Something you can get about 10 or so of in the minute in singles. No touch and go.