Shoulder Press (6 x 4)

For this movement you will start with the bar on the shoulder with the elbows slightly in front. Tighten the belly, squeeze the butt and lift the chest.

From here this is a strictly upper body movement only. You will move the face out of the way and PRESS the bar straight up! Once past the face you will bring your head back to neutral.

Lift finishes with the bar locked out over the middle of the body overhead.

Lower the bar back to the shoulder for the next rep.

It is acceptable to absorb the lowering of the bar by bending the knees. You must just first come to a standing position before and pause before the next press can begin.

Bent Over Row (3-5 Sets of Max Reps)

For this you will want to choose a weight that will allow you to get somewhere between 8 and 12 reps. Less than 8 and it's too heavy. More than 12 and its too light.

To perform this movement you will deadlift the bar to the middle of the shin. The weight is in the heels, back is flat with the chest up. Bar is close to the body and the arms are straight. There is a slight bend in the knee. You will pull the elbows back to bring the bar to just under the chest. Don't allow the elbows to flare out.

Lower the bar back to the mid shin/straight arms without losing position or allowing it to touch the ground.