OLY | WEEK 30 | 07/21/2019


Metcon (Distance)

Seated Box Jumps

Put 10 Min on the clock and work on this movement. Start low and add height as you are comfortable. If you are unable to add much height - try hitting one every 30 Seconds - 1 min at a moderate height.

Score is highest successful jump.
For this one we will start in a seated position at or just below parallel. You can sit on a low box, stack of plates - or whatever you can just to make that happen.

In this seated position you will have the heels down roughly hip width apart. You need to be completely sitting - with the chest up.

Use the ARMS!! Throw arms and jump from that dead stop position!

You will want to think of exploding UP and then pulling the knees up FAST!!

Be careful! No bloody shin pics PLEASE!!

Power Snatch (8 x 1 / 6 x 1 / 4 x 1 / 2 x 1)

The way this will work is 1 rep every 30 seconds x 8.
Then you rest 2 min.
Followed by 1 rep every 30 seconds x 6 at a heavier weight.
Rest 1:30.
Followed by 1 rep every 30 seconds x 4 at a heavier weight.
Rest 1 Min.
Followed finally by 1 rep every 30 seconds x 2 at a heavier weight.

You will add weight during those rest periods.

Start with something you can move well and have room to increase for the 8s. Your score is what you use for the final 2 reps.

The bar will start on the ground. You will use a wide/overhead squat grip. The feet are roughly hip - shoulder width apart with the weight in the heels. The knees are bent but hips are higher than the knees. Chest is over the bar. Arms are straight. Bar is close to the body. Back is flat.

Drive the heels into the ground as you start to lift the chest. The bar comes off the ground - keep it close to the body! Control this first pull.

Once the bar is past the knees you will pick up speed! Scoop the hips underneath a bit but keep the heels down. Think about finishing the up or JUMP with the arms still straight. Jump UP not forward.

Shrug the shoulders, and then start to pull the bar with the elbows - reaching them high and outside like a scarecrow to keep the bar close to the body.

As the bar is going UP - pull YOURSELF under it into a partial squat. Feet can move out a bit - to your squat stance. Punch your head and chest under and through. Punch and press into the bar to lockout. Heels down, knees out, belly tight - butt back slightly.

Stand to finish.