OLY | WEEK 29 | 07/14/2019


Single Arm Dumbbell Overhead Squat 4 x 10
Warm Up weight

These sets will be 5 each side. Go super light at first and add weight if you are able.

To perform this you will press one dumbbell up overhead with the bicep by the ear. You will have the feet about shoulder width apart. Reach the butt back and down and drive the knees out. Keep the heels down and keep pressing UP and BACK with the dumbbell. Try to avoid rotating. This is CHALLENGING. Be patient with yourself. Really press up and pull back. Focus on those heels and knees.

You will almost assuredly be better on one side than the other. Only increase weight if you are successful at going all of the way down in a good position with both sides.

This is meant to be a warm up.

Overhead Squat (20 Min to find Heavy 5 Rep)

Score is heaviest set of 5.

For this you will warm up first and then put 20 Min on the clock. From here you can do as many or as few sets as you like, but your goal is to find a heavy set of 5 for the overhead squat.

If this movement is new for you - don't worry so much about weight and just practice this movement for 20 min.

You may take the bar from the rack or from the ground.

If taken from the rack you will start with the bar on your back. Move the hands to a wide grip and then push press or jerk it overhead.

If taken from the ground you may do a clean and then push press it onto your back - then widen your hands and push press or jerk it up overhead.

The hands should be in a width that you could perform a pass through. This means you could allow the bar to be dropped behind you with straight arms if you need to!

Think about pressing into the bar with your whole back and shoulders. Rotate the armpits forward and keep the belly tight.

Reach the butt back and down. Keep pressing into the bar and pull it back. Your head and chest will come forward slightly as your hips go back, but fight to keep it UP! Bar should stay over the middle of the body! Keep the heels down and drive the knees out. Get the butt lower than the knees at the bottom with the chest up, no roundness of the back, knees out! Stand by pressing into the bar, pressing the heels down, driving the knees out, and leading with the chest!

At the top of each rep the bar should be over the top of the head. Don't leave it behind you.