SOGO | Week 27


Part 1 - Back and Bis!
Max Set of Strict Pull Ups
As soon as you drop off
10 Barbell or Dumbbell Bent Over Rows

Rest as needed between sets

Score is total number of strict pull ups. (Do NOT go for a score with the scaled options!!!)If you choose the option to do this workout without a scale for the pull ups - you should be able to do a minimum of 5 Strict Pull Ups each time.

For these pull ups - they should be strict - with complete extension of the armpit and elbow at the bottom - chin over the bar at the top. They need to be strict - but that doesn't mean super slow or anything.

Scaling options are either 7 - 10 banded strict pull ups - or 7-10 jump up with a slow negative. Do not exceed those numbers at least for this first session. We want to control the soreness.

As soon as you either can no longer do the regular pull ups - or you complete your 7-10 reps of scaled - you will come over and do either barbell bent over rows or dumbbell bent over rows.

For the barbell you will load it up for men somewhere between 115-185# depending on strength and experience. Ladies between 75-125#. These should be difficult but nowhere near failure and no need to break.

You will keep the back flat and pull the bar to the chest - just below the nipple. Keep the gaze up slightly and belly tight. Pull the elbows back.

If you choose the dumbbell rows - you will not go as heavy - but will do 3 second slow negatives. Men between 50-70# DBs and Women between 30-50# DBs.

Part 2 - Chest and Tris

Max Dumbbell or Barbell Bench
straight into
Max Set Regular Push Ups

Rest as needed between sets

Score is total number from both movements.

RX Men: 115# Bench
RX Women: 65# Bench

RX + Men: 135#+
RX + Women: 85# +If you can not complete at least 8-10 bench reps with those weights (for the first round at least) then scale it down a bit. We also don't want you getting more than 15 per round or so either.

Same for the push ups. If you can't get at least 8-10 - go to the knees.

This is not a "girl" push up - it is a scale push up that will lower the amount of your body weight you are pushing up and allow you to do more reps! That is the POINT of this session.

For the bench reps the hands should not be too wide. Just outside the shoulders. Keep the butt on the bench and pull the shoulder blades back and down as you unrack the bar. Do NOT go to failure - especially if you do not have a spot! Be smart. Come all of the way down and lock out completely for each rep!

Once you can no longer complete any of those you will move on to the push ups.

No rest between movements.

Rest as needed between rounds.

For both - NO sagging or snaking!

Good Luck!