30 Seconds Per Side: Box Pigeon
30 Seconds Bench Tricep Stretch
30 Seconds Low Squat to Standing Straddle Extensions

Box Pigeon:
1. Begin standing in front of your box, toes face forward. The height of the box may vary— The taller the box, the more challenging the stretch.
2. Lift your right foot, and set it flat on top of the box.
3. Shift your right foot to the left, until it sits even with your left hip.
4. Allow your right knee to gently fall to the right, pressing towards the box.
5. Use your right hand to apply more pressure to the right knee, if a greater stretch is desired.
6. Make sure to keep the bottom (left) leg straight, and hips open. Your chest may fold forward, over the right leg, in order to increase the stretch.
7. Repeat on the opposite side.

Bench Tricep Stretch:
1. Begin sitting glutes-to-heels on the ground, facing your bench (or, any apparatus you are using: Chair, couch, desk, etc.)
2. Place your hands on the bench, palms down, and slide them forward until your elbows are supported. The goal is to keep the joint as comfortable and safe as possible.
3. Arms should be shoulder width apart.
4. With your knees together, lift your glutes and set your hips directly over your knees. Both legs should be together and creating aa 90 degree angle.
5. Allow your head to fall through your arms, and press your chest towards the floor.
6. Bend your elbows and pull your thumbs to shoulder blades. This will intensify the stretch in the triceps.
7. Engage your core by pulling the belly button into your spine. This will flatten out and protect the lower back. No sagging.

Low Squat to Standing Straddle Extensions:
1. Begin in a low, wide squat. Hands on the floor in front of you.
2. Slowly, lift the glutes into the air, until you straighten out the legs.
3. The goal is to keep your hands on the floor for the entire set, but, if they need to come off in order to lock the knees out, that is fine.
4. Allow the chest to hang between the legs as much as possible.
5. Hold at the top.
6. Return to your low squat starting position, moving slowly through each rep.

EMOM 15 Min
(Every Minute on the Minute for 15 Min)
Min 1: Tucked Hollow Heel Touches
Min 2: Inchworm + Push-Up
Min 3: Jumping Squats

Subs / Scales

Min 1: Static tucked hollow hold
Min 2: Push-up with knees on the ground
Min 3: Bodyweight squats only / Bodyweight squats to a box

Score: Put how many TOTAL jumping / air squats you got throughout

Tucked Hollow Heel Touches:
1. Begin in a tucked hollow hold, with your knees bent at 90 degrees and shins parallel to the ground, arms extended down by your sides. Lower back is actively pressing into the ground.
2. Touch your right hand to the side of your right heel. Continue pressing your lower back into the ground.
3. Touch your left hand to your left heel. Continue pressing your lower back into the ground.
4. Alternate touching each heel, while maintaining a tight tucked position.

Inchworm + Push Up:
1. Begin standing with your feet hip width apart, and relaxed legs.
2. Allow your chest to fall forward, bringing it as close to your quads as your mobility allows. Arms will hang forward towards the floor, with a goal of touching the floor.
3. Keeping your feet in the same spot for the entire set, begin walking your hands forward, until extend yourself into a plank position. Your shoulders should be positioned directly over your wrists
4. Squeeze your glutes, tuck your hips under (as if you were a dog with it’s tail between its legs) to engage the core and flatten our the lower back. No sagging allowed.
5. Reinforce shoulder extension at the top each rep by "pushing the floor away", which will slightly round the upper back. At this point, every muscle should be engaged and working to stay tight.
6. Keeping your body in one line, lower yourself to the floor, until your chest makes contact. Your elbows should track backwards as you lower and lift.
7. Push back up into full extension at the top.
8. Begin walking your hands back in towards your feet. Getting them as close to your toes as possible to maximize the hamstring stretch.


Every 30 Seconds for 10 Rounds Complete:
Cartwheel + Forward Roll + Candlestick Roll

Subs / Scales:
Small Cartwheel / Slow Forward Roll / Candlestick with Bent Knees

No Score

Cartwheel + Forward Roll + Candlestick Roll:

1. In this series, you will connect three foundational gymnastics skills.
2. First, complete one cartwheel, smoothly stepping your feet together at the end, to set up for your forward roll.
3. Next, move straight into one forward roll, standing up fully at the top.
4. Last, sit your glutes back to your heels, and roll into your candlestick position. To stand, pull your heels towards your glutes, and shift your shoulders over your toes.
5. Finish in a full stand.