SOGO | Week 22

4-5 Rounds (Not for Time)
10-15 Strict Pull Ups
10-15 Supine Rows
10 - 15 Pull Overs on Bench
10-15 Single Arm Dumbbell Row Right
10-15 Single Arm Dumbbell Row Left

No real rest between movements.  Rest 3 Min between rounds.

RX Men/Women: Choose a weight for the pull overs and rows that you can get at least 10 but over 15 is a stretch.

Score is dumbbell row weightFor the strict pull ups - if you cannot do 10 in 2 sets or less you may do banded strict pull ups or a jump and slow lower!

For the supine rows- you may do these on the rings or a bar in the rack.  Either way make sure you are starting with a straight arm and bringing your chest all of the way up to touch.

The more parallel to the ground you are - the more difficult these reps will be.

The pull overs may be done with a bar or a dumbbell - even a plate.  Lay across the bench in a position that allows you to open all of the way up with the weight over your head and behind you with a pretty straight arm.  Use your lats (your WINGS) to pull the weight back up.  Fight wanting to use the arms!

For the dumbbell rows you will do one side at a time.  Lean agains the bench or even a wall for support.  Let the dumbbell hang down and then pull it into your ribcage with the elbow going back!