15 Min AMRAP
10 Burpees
10 Goblet Squats
10 Press

Idea Weight for Men: 35-55# KB OR 20-30# DBs
Idea Weight for Women: 12-25# KB OR 10-15# DBs

Score: Total number of completed rounds + any additional reps
Goal: 5 Rounds or more

For the burpees in this workout you can do regular jump in and jump out burpees, step back and go to knees push up burpees. You can also do no push up burpees, or even elevated push up or elevated no push up burpees. The goal is to be able to finish each set of burpees in no longer than about 75 seconds.

For the Goblet Squats you will hold either a single dumbbell or a kettlebell at the chest. Feet are shoulder width apart and heels are down. You will tighten the belly, lift the chest, and reach the butt back and down. Drive the knees out. Ideally you will get your butt lower than your knees at the bottom without rounding the back or caving the chest forward. Keep the heels down the whole time!

If you are unable to get that low in a good position with weight - you may do these weightless!

If you are still having any pain, mobility, or strength issues with no weight - you may use a higher target or some assistance from a chair or something. The goals are still to keep the heels down and chest up/knees out though!

For the press you can either hold 2 dumbbells or a single dumbbell/kb with both hands. The weight will start at your chest shoulder area and you will simply press the weight straight up to a locked out position with the biceps by the ears! Keep the belly tight and don't allow yourself to lean backwards!


BURPEES - No push up burpee, Elevated burpee, Step back/forward burpee, Air Squat + Elevated Push Up, Table Top (all fours position) + Air Squat, Ball Slams, KB Swings, Farmer/Goblet march, Glute Bridges, Sumo Deadlift High Pull

PRESS - Focus on proper alignment of your pelvis and spine. If you find yourself over extending in your back or coning in your belly sub less weight, Strict Press, Seated Strict Press, or even Front Raises.