5 Rounds

1 Min Unweighted Alternating Step Ups
1 Min Plank Shoulder Taps

Score: Total Reps of BOTH combined
Goal: 150+

If you are feeling feisty you can add a little weight to the step ups today. Only do this if you are able to keep roughly 20 per round.

For the step ups in this particular workout we want you to choose a height that is challenging but you feel comfortable stepping up AND down. When you step up you will place your WHOLE foot on the step or box. Make sure you drive through your heel and don't allow the working knee to cave in. Stand completely at the top.

Alternate feet with each step. Each step counts as one rep.

If you are unable to step for any reason you may choose to sub lunges (forward or reverse is fine).

For the plank shoulder taps you will start in the top of a push up position. You may be on your toes or on your knees for this. You will bring your right hand up to touch your left shoulder, then your left hand up to touch your right shoulder. Keep the belly tight and butt down!

Your shoulders should be in line with your hips and if on your toes - should also be in line with your ankles. NO saggy bellies or hips. No high butts.

Each time you tap BOTH shoulders it = 1 rep.


STEP UPS - If you have any pubic symphysis pain or SPD focus on keeping your pelvis neutral and your hips level. You could always do lighter weight, smaller or shorter step/less range of motion. You can also try stepping laterally onto a stack of plates or something instead of stepping forward and up, sometimes this helps create some control in managing the position of the pelvis. Option to sub: Single Leg Glute Bridge, Hip Thrusts, Air Squat, Goblet/DB Squat

PLANK HOLD + TAPS - For the pregnant mamas who experience coning or the feeling of heaviness in the plank position or postpartum mamas still healing and rehabing your core, modify the plank to an elevated plank with taps or a table top/all fours position with knees hovering off the ground with taps.