TUESDAY SHIFT 10/01/2019


***Nutrition Challenge Crew!! This is the workout we will be re-testing at the end of the challenge! So make sure to record or log a score for yourself so you can measure improvement!!***

8 Rounds

30 Seconds Jog, Row, Bike, Taps, Single Unders
30 Seconds KB/DB Swings
30 Seconds Air Squats
30 Seconds Rest

Idea weight for Men: Single 30-50# KB/DB
Idea weight for Women: Single 12-25# KB/DB

Score: Total Reps of Swings and Squats Combined
Goal: 150+

For this workout we will rotate every 30 seconds for a total of 16 min.

For the first 30 seconds you will choose what you are able to/have available. Choices are a jog (this can be like an out and back from your garage etc), row, bike, single unders, taps, or low step ups. The idea for this interval is to move for the entire 30 seconds at an uncomfortable but sustainable pace.

When the clock hits 30 seconds you will transfer to your kettlebell/dumbbell swings. Hold the weight in both hands at the waist. Stand with feet shoulder width apart with the heels down. Allow the knees to bend slightly and allow a hinge at the hips. Keep the arms straight, chest up, and belly tight. Pull the weight through the legs. Stand up hard and fast to make the bell weightless. Guide it to eye level. Avoid leaning back. Use the legs! Allow gravity to bring the bell back down, but keep those heels down and chest up!

For the squats your feet are shoulder width apart. Stand with the chest up and belly tight. Reach your butt back and down. Drive your knees out. Keep your chest lifted. Ideally you will get to the bottom with the chest up, knees out, heels down, with the butt lower than the knees. Fight hard against plopping or collapsing in the bottom. To stand drive through the heels and lift the chest as you press the knees out!

If you have any pain in the bottom position from past injuries or issues, you may choose to use something as a counterbalance (like holding on to the back of a chair) or squat to a slightly higher target.


RUN/JOG - To avoid the added pressure to the pelvic floor that the impact from running can create, sub: Taps, Row, Bike, Farmer Carry, Sled Push/Drag, Quick Step Ups. If you're postpartum and working towards rehab-ing your core and pelvic floor you can choose from the same subs for pregnancy and/or scaling the distance that you run so that you can focus on your posture, breathing mechanics, and managing the pressure of your or and pelvic floor.

KB SWING - If you notice and coning or pulling in the overhead position of the swing, sub shoulder height or eye level swings and focus on posture and breathing mechanics. If the shape of your body (preggo bellies!) is making the bottom position a little too tight for comfort, you can sub a single arm swing!