TUESDAY SHIFT 09/10/2019


8 Rounds

1 Min Jog, Row, Bike, Taps, Single Unders, or Low Step Ups
12 Overhead Press

Idea weight for Men: Single 35-55# DB/KB - or - pair of lighter dumbbells
Idea weight for Women: Single 15-30# KB/DB - or - pair of lighter dumbbells

Score: Total Time
Goal: Under 15 Min

For this workout you will choose between the options: Jog, Row, Bike, Taps, Single Unders, or Low Step Ups - for the 1 minute portion each round. Pick ONE and do it for the entire workout.

So each round you will do 1 minute of what you choose. Make sure to move for an entire minute each time at an uncomfortable but sustainable pace.

After the minute is up each time you will do 12 Presses. You may do these seated or standing. You may do them holding a single weight in both hands at the chest or by holding a pair of dumbbells (one in each hand).

The focus here is to start at the chest/shoulders - keep belly tight - press overhead finishing with the biceps by the ears at the top.

You will not use any sort of dip or assistance from your legs.


RUN/JOG - To avoid the added pressure to the pelvic floor that the impact from running can create, sub: Taps, Row, Bike, Farmer Carry, Sled Push/Drag, Quick Step Ups. If you're postpartum and working towards rehab-ing your core and pelvic floor you can choose from the same subs for pregnancy and/or scaling the distance that you run so that you can focus on your posture, breathing mechanics, and managing the pressure of your or and pelvic floor.

PRESS - Focus on proper alignment of your pelvis and spine. If you find yourself over extending in your back or coning in your belly sub less weight, Strict Press, Seated Strict Press, or even Front Raises.