TUESDAY SHIFT 08/20/2019


5 Rounds

1 Min Jog, Row, Bike, Taps, Single Unders
1 Min Alternating Step Up
1 Min KB/DB Swing
1 Min Rest

Idea weight for Men: 30-50# KB/DB
Idea weight for Women: 12-25# KB/DB

Score: Total Reps Step Ups and KB/DB Swings added together
Goal: 120 Reps +

For this workout you will do a total of 5 rounds of the 4 minute cycle - so a total of exactly 20 min. Each time the clock hits a minute - you move immediately into the next station/minute.

For the first minute you will choose what you would like/have available to you. Single unders, taps, jogging, rowing, and biking are all options!

Make sure you move for the whole minute at an uncomfortable but sustainable pace!

For the second minute you will do step ups. We want you to choose a height that is challenging, but that you feel comfortable stepping up AND down. You will alternate feet with each step. Each step up counts. Put your whole foot on top of the box/step. Drive out of your heel to stand completely at the top. Don't allow your knee to cave in as you stand.

Each step up counts as 1 rep.

If you don't have anything to step up on you can also sub alternating lunges.

For the swings you will hold the weight in both hands at the waist. Your heels are down and the arms are long. Lift the chest and tighten the belly. Hinge at the hips and reach the butt back. Bend the knees slightly. Keep the chest up and pull the weight back between the legs. Stand up hard and fast squeezing the legs and butt. Guide the weight to eye level keeping the arms pretty straight.

Allow gravity to pull the weight back down and into the next rep, but maintain control with the chest up and heels down!


RUN/JOG - To avoid the added pressure to the pelvic floor that the impact from running can create, sub: Taps, Row, Bike, Farmer Carry, Sled Push/Drag, Quick Step Ups. If you're postpartum and working towards rehab-ing your core and pelvic floor you can choose from the same subs for pregnancy and/or scaling the distance that you run so that you can focus on your posture, breathing mechanics, and managing the pressure of your or and pelvic floor.

If you have any round ligament or pubic symphysis pain or SPD focus on keeping your pelvis neutral and your hips level. You could always do lighter weight, smaller or shorter step/less range of motion. You can also try stepping laterally onto something instead of stepping forward and up, sometimes this helps create some control in managing the position of the pelvis. Option to sub: Single Leg Glute Bridge, Hip Thrusts, Air Squat, Goblet/DB Squat

KB SWING - If you notice and coning or pulling in the overhead position of the swing, sub shoulder height or eye level swings and focus on posture and breathing mechanics. If the shape of your body (preggo bellies!) is making the bottom position a little too tight for comfort, you can sub a single arm swing!