MONDAY SHIFT 09/16/2019


10 Rounds
1 Min Bike, Row, Jog or Taps
9 Hang DB or KB Clean
9 DB or KB Press

Idea weight for Men: 35-50# Single DB or KB OR 15-25# Dumbbells
Idea weight for Women: 12-25# Single DB or KB OR 8-15# Dumbbells

Score: Total Time
Goal: 25 Min or Less

For the 1 min section you can choose between bike, row, jogging or taps. Go at an uncomfortable pace, but something that will allow you to keep moving the whole time.

For the hand DB or KB clean you can do this with a single kb or db, or 2 dumbbells. You will start with the object(s) at the waist. Perform a small dip by bending the knees slightly. Stand up hard and fast helping to make the db or kb weightless. Shrug the shoulders and pop the weight up to your chest by rotating the hands around.

For the press you will simply PRESS the weight over your head. Get the weight all of the way up until the biceps are by the ears. Keep the belly tight and squeeze the cheeks.


HANG POWER CLEAN - You could also try less weight. For pregnant mamas with bellies that interrupt the most efficient path of the bar, be sure to sub DBs for the bar so you are not training inefficient movement patterns.

JERK/PRESS - Focus on proper alignment of your pelvis and spine. If you find yourself over extending in your back or coning in your belly sub less weight, Strict Press, Seated Strict Press, or even Front Raises.

RUN/JOG - To avoid the added pressure to the pelvic floor that the impact from running can create, sub: Taps, Row, Bike, Farmer Carry, Sled Push/Drag, Quick Step Ups. If you're postpartum and working towards rehab-ing your core and pelvic floor you can choose from the same subs for pregnancy and/or scaling the distance that you run so that you can focus on your posture, breathing mechanics, and managing the pressure of your or and pelvic floor.