MONDAY SHIFT 09/09/2019


12 Min AMRAP
(As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 12 Min)

8 Bodyweight Squats
8 One Arm / One Leg V-Up

No weight needed today!

Score: Total Number of Completed Rounds + Any Additional Reps
Goal: 10 Rounds +

Super simple one to get the week going you guys!

For the squats you will stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Make that you have your weight across your whole foot with your heels down. Stand tall. Lift your chest but tighten your belly. Reach your butt back and down, and keep your chest lifted.

Drive your knees out as you go back and down. Keep the heels on the ground! You can lift your hands in front of you for added balance.

Ideally you will get your butt lower than your knees at the bottom with your heels still down, knees out, and without plopping or collapsing.

If you have any issues going that low - like pain - you may try to hold onto a trx type band or the back of a chair for assistance. Just make sure that you stay BACK in the heels and that the knees go out!

You may also choose to squat to a target that is a bit higher as well!

For the one arm one leg v-ups you will lay on your back. Raise your hands up over your hands over your head. Lift one leg (keeping as straight as possible) and one arm (also straight). Bring your right hand to touch your left tow - then lower. Then bring your left hand to touch your right toe. Keep alternating. Each time you touch a hand to your toes it counts as a rep so you end up doing 4 per side per set.

You may also choose to swap out 8 full all of the way down, all of the way up sit ups.

If you are unable to do sit ups at this time consider subbing KB Swings, ball slams, or dead bugs!


TOES TO BAR - This movement and it's scaled version of Knee Raises puts A LOT of pressure on the core and pelvic floor. Please consider risk vs.reward when deciding if this movement is right for you. If you feel confident with your core and pelvic floor health you can always try fewer reps to notice and manage any symptoms. You can also SUB: BIRTHFIT Functional Progressions (Choose any from 1-4), Ball Slams, KB Swings, Overhead Plate Hold/March, Palloff Press, BIRTHFIT Banded/Wallball Woodchop, Standing Cross Body Wallball Throws, Goblet Hold/Squat, or Waiter Walks.