OLY 04/21/2019

Hang Snatch (6 x 3)

Rest as needed between sets.  Do not count warm up sets.  Make sure you get at least 6 sets in that are challenging for you, but only go as heavy as you can move WELL.

For this movement you will lift the bar safely with a wide (overhead squat) grip up to a full standing position.  You will use that hook grip if possible!

Feet should be under the hips.  Heels down.  Belly tight.  Arms long and straight.  Bar close to the body.

You will dip the chest forward slightly and bend the knees.  Allow the bar to slide down the leg as you pull it in close to the body.  Keep the chest and eyes up. Back Flat.  Heels down.

Once part of the way down the thigh but still above the knee you will scoop the hips under to jump straight UP and shrug with the bar keeping the arms straight.  Keep those heels down as long as possible.

From here you will pull the elbows high and outside to keep the bar close as you start to pull yourself under and press to lock out in the bottom of a solid overhead squat.

In the bottom the heels should be down about shoulder width apart with the knees out.  Butt should be lower than the knees and chest up.  No plopping or rounding of the back in the bottom.  Keep the belly tight.  Bar is over the middle of the body.  Press up into the bar and rotoate the armpits forward.  Stand to finish!

Lower back to the hip to start next rep!

If this movement is new for you - you are welcome to do a hang power snatch + and overhead squat.  Do NOT land with your feet super wide.  No wider than your squat stance.

Snatch Balance (5 x 2)

Lower the weight back down to roughly the weight you counted as your first working set for Part 1.  This will be HIGHLY dependent on your comfortability with this movement.

We care more about speed and good movement for this than weight.

The bar will start on the back with that same wide grip.  You will dip keeping the chest up and the shoulder over the hip over the heel.  The knees will shoot slightly forward in the dip.

You will drive the power from the legs into the bar and once it is weightless and moving up you will press against it - to move your body DOWN once again into the bottom of the overhead squat.

Stand to finish.

Lower the bar back to the back SAFELY.  Absorb with the knees and do not do this more heavy than you are comfortable lowering back onto the back.

If this movement is new for you - you may go LIGHT and not press ALL of the way down to the bottom but just part of the way down and then slowly and under control finish the overhead squat.