OLY 04/14/2019

Hang Clean (6 x 2)

Rest as needed between sets. 

Every set should be heavy, go up as you are successful and moving well.
The purpose of the hang clean is to work on pulling under the weight fast!!

The bar will start at the hip.  The feet start under the hips.  You dip the chest forward and pull the bar into the body.  Allow the knees to bend slightly on the dip and keep the heels down.  The arms stay long.

From the dip position you will stand up hard and fast.  Think of FINISHING with the legs and squeezing the butt.  Almost JUMP.  Add a shoulder shrug and then start to pull yourself DOWN.

During this portion you will let the elbows come high and outside to keep the bar close.  Rotate the elbows around FAST and catch the bar in a full front squat with the bar on the shoulders and the elbows high.  Butt should be lower than the knees.  Feet will have moved out into the squat stance.  Heels are down.  Knees are out.  Chest is up with no rounding or collapsing of the back.  Belly tight!  Stand up leading with the chest and the elbows to finish the rep.  Lower the weight back to the waist to start rep #2!

Clean Pull (5 x 3)

Use the weight that you finished your heaviest set of 2 hang cleans.

This part of the movement is just the UP part of the clean.  It is basically a clean deadlift and a shrug.

Bar starts on the ground.  Heels are down.  Hands are just outside of the legs.  Knees are bent slightly.  Hinge at the hips so that the chest is just over/slightly behind the bar.

Stand by driving the heels in the ground and lifting the chest.  Also focus on pulling the bar into the body.  Once past the knees think about scooping the hips under and then finishing or JUMPING straight up and shrugging the shoulders to allow the bar to start to travel up the body.

Re-set back down at the bottom for the next rep.

Rest as needed between sets.