OLY 03/17/2019

Snatch + Overhead Squat (1 Set every 90 Seconds for 12 Min)

1 Snatch
1 Overhead Squat

For this complex you will complete one snatch - go full squat snatch OR power snatch - whichever you want to work on. Then you will go straight into an overhead squat.  Perform that complex every 90 seconds for 8 rounds (or 12 min).

So the bar will start on the ground.  Your feet will be under your hips and your hands will be wide.  Use that hook grip (thumb around bar - fingers around thumb).  Make sure the heels are down, the knees are forward and slightly out, knees are bent with the hips slightly higher than the knees, chest up, arms straight, back flat, bar close.

You will pull the bar from the ground by driving the heels down, and chest up while pulling the bar in close to the body.  Once past the knees you will pick up speed.  Scoop your hips under slightly to allow you to jump straight UP withthe bar (not forward).  Keep the heels down and arms straight as LONG as possible.  Shrug the shoulders and pull the elbows high and outside as you pull yourself DOWN either into a full overhead squat or into a partial overhead squat.  Punch into the bar fast and hard to lock out.

In that catch position your feet will have moved out slightly.  Land with the heels down, belly tight, armpits facing forward with the shoulderblades pulled IN.  The bar should be over the middle of the body.

If catching in the squat your butt should be lower than the knees at the bottom.

If doing a power snatch do NOT land super wide with the feet.  You still need to go DOWN.  For this lift especially watch for the knees caving in.

After standing completely with the bar from the snatch - you will set and perform a full overhead squat.  Reach the butt back and down and keep that bar over the middle of the foot!  Belly tight!

Behind the Neck Shoulder Press (4 x 10)

From the back rack position - using no momentum built from the lower body - press the bar to a locked out position overhead.This is to build strength and stamina in this more rear shoulder driven press.  Bar will be on the back with a grip somewhere between your regular pressing grip and your snatch/ohs grip.

Belly tight, weight in heels, move the head forward slightly as you press.  Using no momentum from the lower body press to lockout.

The weight for these will be light.  As you start to get fatigued if the bar starts coming back down fast - PLEASE make sure you are absorbing the catch with the knees!

Rest as needed between sets.