OLY | WEEK 46 | 11/10/2019


Overhead Warm Up


Tall Jerk (3 x 7)

Starting with the bar just above the head - push under to lockout - stand.This will need to be done extremely light. After you unrack the bar or clean it to the shoulder - you will press it up so it's JUST above your head. Belly tight and rib cage down. Pause for a moment in that position.

Then as you press the bar UP press yourself down fast! You may move feet out to squat stance as you go down - or to a split stance. Finish in a partial squat or split position with the biceps by the ears, bar over the middle of the body, belly tight. Stand to complete.

Lower back to the shoulders. Each set is 7 total reps. This is WAY more about technique and speed than going heavy.

Push Jerk (16 Min EMOM - 2 Reps)

You will do 2 reps every minute for 16 Min!

These should not be re-racked but an actual set of 2 each time.

The bar will start up high on the shoulders with the elbows in front. You may clean the bar from the ground or take it from the rack. Your feet are under your hips and your heels are down. Stand tall, belly tight.

Dip keeping the heels down, allowing the knees to come forward and out, and hips staying back. Keep the chest up and do not let the weight pull you forward. From here you will stand up hard and fast. Drive the power from the legs into the bar. Move your face out of the way and think of pressing the bar up as you press YOURSELF DOWN under it. Feet may move slightly wider - but no wider than your squat stance (shoulder width).

You will land with your weight in your heels, knees bent and out, butt back, and bar locked out over the middle of your body. Press into the bar and keep the belly tight. Stand completely.

When lowering the bar back to the shoulders absorb with the knees and either go into the next rep or re-set for the next rep.

Push Jerk (3 sets Max Reps - 70% of last lifts from EMOM)

Whatever was the heaviest set of 2 you were able to do in the EMOM - you will use 70% of that weight and do 3 sets of max reps with that weight.

Rest 2 Min between sets.