OLY | WEEK 43 | 10/20/2019


Thruster (15 Min to find 5 Rep Max)

The way this will work is you will warm up and then put 15 min on the clock. Start out with a set of 5 thrusters you KNOW you can hit. Add weight - do 5. If you get it - add weight again. See what the heaviest set of 5 (unbroken - no dropping or racking the bar) thrusters you can get before the clock gets to 15 min!

For the thruster you may take the bar from the rack or from the ground. The bar will be on the shoulder with the elbows high and a loose but full grip. Hands outside of shoulders. Belly tight. Chest up. Feet under the shoulders with the heels down. Reach the butt back and down to initiate the squat. Keep the heels down - chest and elbows up. Drive the knees out as you go down. Get the butt lower than the knees at the bottom with the knees out, chest up, heels down. Stand up hard and fast (driving through the heels and leading with the chest and elbows). Pop the bar off of the shoulder and move the face out of the way. Press the bar straight up and lock out with the biceps by the ears and bar over the middle of the body. No re-bend of the knees (not a jerk). Belly tight!

Lower back to the shoulders for the next rep.

Barbell Hip Thrusts (5 x 8)

Can be done on a bench or stack of plates should work too.With the shoulders on a bench or box/stack of plates you will sit in front and place the bar on the hips. This can be uncomfortable so feel free to wrap with a mat or a towel. You can also do this with dumbbells. The heels should be down in front of you.

From that position you will drive through the heels and squeeze the glutes to bring your hips up with your shoulders on the bench. Make sure you bring it ALL of the way up (full squeeze). Then lower back to the ground.