SOGO | WEEK 43 | 10/20/2019


4 Round Superset
(rest 30 seconds to 1 minute between movements)

10-12 Bent Over Barbell Row
10-12 DB Bench Press
10-12 Pull Ups
8-10 Ring Dips/feet elevated parallette dips

Rest 3 minutes

8 min alternating tabata
Push Ups
Ring Rows

Score: Weight used for Barbell Row/Bench Press

Should take less than 40 minutes but less than 30 is probably moving too fast. Superset is 4 rounds of the first 4 movements, THEN 3 minute rest before starting the Tabata.

Movements should be slow and controlled with a 1 second pause on both ends. You can move faster during the push up/ring row finisher!

Fo the bent row, keep the elbows tight and bring the bar to just below the chest. Keep the belly tight. Bring the bar back to just below the knee with the arm straight at the bottom. No kipping or pulling your CHEST down!

For the dumbbell bench press, choose a weight that you can definitely get 10 reps. You may sub barbell bench if you do not have appropriate dumbbells.

We recommend strict pull ups for this one so use a band if you need to but control the descent and be sure to avoid the bounce out of the bottom.

Whatever you choose make sure that you start all of the way at the bottom and either get the chin over or pull the chest all of the way up at the top!

Keep your elbows in tight and shoulders slightly in front of your hands for the dips. Choose a variation that you can get the reps for each set, adjust on the fly if you need to.

Tabata is max effort, whatever you got left in the tank, use it! This will be:
20 seconds max Push Ups / 10 seconds rest
:20 max Ring Rows / :10 rest
:20 max Push Ups / :10 rest
:20 max Ring Rows / :10 rest
Keep going for 8 minutes at which point you've done 8 rounds of each movement.

For the push up we want to see a rigid body position. Squeeze your butt, your thighs and your belly. No sagging hips or snaking.

Keep your elbows within 45 degrees to the body as you lower your chest and thighs to make contact with the floor. Stay engaged. Go from the knees or do elevated to avoid going to failure.

Keep your body tight in the ring rows just the same as with your push ups. No sagging or thrusting.