OLY 2.10.19

Push Press (5 x 5)

This will be 5 sets of 5 reps (unbroken).  Rest as needed between sets!

For this movement - you will dip with the bar on the front of your shoulder with the elbows slightly in front.  Make sure the rib cage is pulled in tight and chest is up.  The bar needs to be kind of against the neck - securely on the shoulder.

You will do a small dip, keeping the chest up and shoulders back.  Keep the heels down.  When you hit the bottom of the dip you will stand fast to "pop" the bar off of the shoulders.  Continue to press the bar up as you pull the face back out of the way.  Make sure the bar path is straight.  Finish with the bar over the top of the head, elbows locked, belly down and hips and knees completely extended.

In the push press there is no re-bend.  Just the UP!

Make sure when you are bringing the bar back down you absorb the catch on the shoulder with the knees.  From there you can either feed the next rep or stand and re-set.

Pause Jerk (7 x 1)

Pause in the dip position before exploding up!!For this movement the dip will be the same as it was in the push press.

You will pause for 2 seconds in the dip position and then explode UP driving into the bar!

This time though you will push YOURSELF down.  This should be the focus instead of pushing the bar up.

You may choose to work on Push Jerks (feet move out to squat stance as you push under) or Split Jerks (land in a lunge position).

Either way, focus on landing in a stable position with the belly tight and the bar locked out!  You must also stand with the bar still overhead to complete the rep.

If you go push jerk, land in the heels no wider than squat stance.  Knees out!

If you do split jerks - make sure the back knee is bent and the front heel is down!

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