SOGO 1.6.19


4 Sets
Not for Time

10 Bent Over Row
10 Chin Ups (Reverse Grip)
90 Seconds Max Distance
"Death Crawl"

For the Death Crawl:

Men try 30-50 # DBs

Women try 10-25# DBs

Score: Weight used for Death CrawlRest 1-2 min between elements today.

For the Bent Over Rows you may use the same dumbbells that you use for the death crawl or go a bit heavier with dumbbells or a bar.

For these you will deadlift the bar/dumbbells to just below the knee. From here, keeping the torso position set and the chest lifted - you will pull the elbows back and bring the bar to just below the chest.  Keep the belly tight. Bring the bar back to just below the knee with the arm straight at the bottom. No kipping or pulling your CHEST down!

For the chin ups your palms will face IN with a bit of a more narrow grip. These are strict.  You may also do banded strict Chin Ups or supine ring or bar rows as a sub.

For the "Death Crawl" - just have fun with it.  Most of us don't have a big long space to move - so it's ok to have to turn around and change directions!

Metcon (Weight)


3  Sets
Not for Time
10-15 Heavy Bicep Curls with Bar or Dumbbells
15 Empty Bar or Super Light Dumbbell Curls  with 1 sec pause at top and bottom

No RX Weight.  Choose a weight - if you get less than 10 - it's too heavy.  If you get more than 15 - it's too light.  Adjust as you go.

Put average weight for heavier bar/dumbbells used as your score.Ideally very little rests between the heavy and light curls.  But rest as needed between sets.

The 1 second pause/hard contraction at the top and bottom of the curls for the lighter bar or dumbbells is SUPER KEY.  See video for demo of that.