OLY 1.27.19

Clean (7 x 2 (1-1))

This will be 7 sets of 2 singles (drop the bar between reps and rest 10 seconds).  Rest at least 2 min between sets.

We would ideally like to see full cleans (catching in a squat) for these.  But if you would like to work on your power clean or even a power clean + a front squat to dial in technique - that is ok too.

The bar will start on the ground.  You will have your feet about hip width apart.  The bar will start close to the body.  Heels are down.  Knees are bent.  Chest is over the bar slightly and back is flat.  Arms are long and straight.  Eyes are up.

You will press the ground away with the heels as you pull the chest up and pull the bar into your body.  Once you pass your knees you will pick up speed and jump straight up with the bar - not a leap frog or KB swing motion forward - UP and through the heels.

From there you will shrug the shoulders as you start to actively pull yourself down into a front squat.  Ideally you will catch the bar on the shoulders with a high elbow and bar on the shelf you create with the shoulders.  The chest is up, arch in the back is maintained.  Heels are down, feet have moved to shoulder width apart.  Knees are out.  Butt is lower than the knee.

You will stand by driving the heels into the ground, knees out, and reaching up with the elbows and the chest.

Drop the bar and rest roughly 10 seconds before going for the second rep.

Score is your heaviest set.

You may build with each set or find a difficult weight and hold it for all 7.  Do NOT count warm up sets.

Front Squat (5 x 3)

After you finish the cleans you will perform a 5 x 3 front squat with the heaviest weight you successfully did for the cleans.

For these you may use a rack.

You will have the bar on the shoulder with the elbows high.  Tighten the belly by pulling the ribcage down as you lift the chest up.  Feet are about shoulder width apart.  You will reach the butt back and down as you fight to keep the chest and elbows up!!  Drive the knees out and keep the heels down.

At the bottom you should have your hips lower than the knees, chest still up, knees out, heels down.  Stand by driving the heels down, knees out, chest and elbows up!

Rest at least 2 min between sets!

Use same weight for all 5 sets.

MIranda AlcarazOLY