12 Min AMRAP
(As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 12 Min)

30 Taps or Single Unders
8 HANG Sumo High Pull
8 Push Press

Idea Weight for Men: 30-55# Single KB or DB

Idea Weight for Women; 12-25# Single KB or DB

Score: Total Number of Rounds and Reps Completed in 12 Min

Goal: 5 Rounds +


For this workout you will want to choose a weight that you think you might always try to get all 8 without having to put the weight down.

For the first part you may choose jump rope single unders or taps.  If 40 reps will take you longer than about 1min-1:15 at the longest  - you may lower the reps.

The HANG Sumo High Pull is VERY similar to the up right row - except you are going to perform a small dip at the hips and knees - keeping the arms straight and weight close to the body.  Stand up hard and fast - shrug the shoulders - pull the elbows high and outside brining the weight up to your chest.  Like you are zipping up your jacket.

Keep the shoulders pulled back and the belly tight.

For the push press you may use the same KB/DB OR you can use a pair of lighter dumbbells.  This movement is like the regular press - except again - you will perform a small dip and stand before you press.

When you dip keep your heels down and chest up.  Make sure the knees don't cave in (actively push them out).  Stand up hard and fast.  Finish with a press to lockout with the weight over your head and the biceps by the ears!