4 Sets of  8

Deficit Handstand Push Ups
Deficit Pike Handstand Push Ups

Doesn't have to be unbroken but should be in no more than 3 sets each time.

Do a deficit even if it is small.

No score for this.  Just DO IT!Make sure you set up your "risers" to create the deficit in an appropriate distance apart from each other.  Make sure when lowering that you end up in a tripod position in the bottom.

If doing against the wall keep hips OFF of the wall.  Belly tight and avoid overextending as you press.  Head through at the top.

If doing the pike also make sure set up is right and that you are hitting the tripod position.  This is not a DEFICIT PUSH UP.  Keep hips over shoulders!  It is also acceptable to place knees on box or bench.

See video on Members Only on Session 3 of HSPU Program (Under Extra Programs) for reference.

Metcon (No Measure)

4 Rounds

10 PUSH UPS + 30 SECOND PLANKYou will do 10 (ideally unbroken) push ups right into a 30 second hold at the top of the push up on the last rep.  No sagging, snaking, or butt in the air.  Keep belly and butt tight!  Touch your chest at the bottom and lock out completely at the top.

Do push ups from the knees if necessary!

Metcon (Weight)

4 Rounds


Score:  Amount of weight you hold.  This isn't a challenge - but just a way to enter a score of some sort for this workout.Hold a plate, a single dumbbell with both hands, or a barbell overhead for 1 min - 4 sets. Go lighter than you think and add weight if you feel like you can for later sets.

Keep the belly tight!  Squeeze belly and butt.  Bar or object over the top of your head.  Pressing UP with the back and shoulders, elbows locked!

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