15 Min AMRAP
(As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 15 Min)

1 Min: Jog, Bike, Single Under, Row, Taps or Low Step Ups

7 Ring Row or Upright Row
7 Overhead Press

Idea Weight for Men: 35-50 # Single KB or DB - OR - SET of 15-25# DBs

Idea Weight for Women: 12-25# Single KB or DB - OR - 8-15 # SET of DBs

Score: Total Number of Completed Rounds + Any Additional Reps

Goal: 6 Rounds +


For this workout you can choose what you would like to do or what you have available for the first part (the 1 Min section).  Whatever you choose make sure it's something and done at a pace that allows you to move through the full minute each time.  Keep an uncomfortable but sustainable pace.

For the ring/trx/parallette or supine bar rows remember that the more parallel you are to the ground - the more difficult these become.  The goal would be do do these in 1-2 sets each time.

Start with a completely straight arm, pull chest all of the way up.  Keep body in a tight position.  Pull elbows back - not OUT!

If you are doing the upright row you will hold your single KB or DB in both hands at the waist.  Pull the shoulders back and down.  Shrug the shoulders and then - like you are zipping up your jacket - pull the elbows high and out side and bring the weight up the body.  Keep the belly tight!  Lower. back dow to a straight arm at the bottom.

For the overhead press you will hold the weight at the chest (if using a single kb or db) or at the shoulders (if using 2).  Press straight up to lockout with the biceps by the ears.  Keep the belly tight and squeeze the butt!

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