8 Rounds
20 Single Unders or Dumbbell Skip Overs
10 Step Ups
8 Sit Ups

No weight necessary!

Score: Total Time

Goal:  Under 15 Min

For this workout you may do single unders or dumbbell skip overs.  A dumbbell skip over is where you stand to the side and skip over kind of one foot at a time.  Every jump over = 1 rep.

For the step ups you will find a height that is challenging for you but you feel safe and comfortable stepping up AND down.  Ideal for men is around 20" and women around 15" if you can make that happen!

When you do your step ups make sure your WHOLE foot is on top of the box (or whatever you are using).  Drive through your heel and stand all of the way up. Come down and switch feet at the bottom.  Each step up counts as 1 rep.  Alternate feet with each rep.  SO every round you end up doing 5 per leg.

For the sit ups your shoulders will touch the ground at the bottom and you will come up and touch your toes.  Use assistance from a band or something similar if you need to!

Pregnant/postpartum mamas may switch to slam balls or eye level KB swings!

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